Becoming a Member
The Membership of the DAO consists of all of the individuals that have bought into a membership tier of the DAO.
This section outlines how the members will be onboarded and how they will continue to interact with it thereafter.
Buying in to their chosen Membership Tier
The first interaction our potential members will have with the DAO will be our website. This website will serve two major purposes:
  1. 1.
    Provide information about the DAO, answer FAQs, and provide access to our public-facing operational docs.
    • The public-facing operational doc information will be spread across a few different sources such as the landing page and this Gitbook.
    • Ultimately the goal of this information is to answer as many detailed questions as possible, as well as help people feel confident in making their purchase.
    • During the process of filling out the 'Register your Interest' form, there is also the opportunity to write any final questions you have. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]
  2. 2.
    Provide a streamlined membership setup experience for our users.
    1. 1.
      This is important because we need to collect certain information before payment, e.g.:
      1. 1.
        The prospective member's wallet address, so we can send the SG-V tokens post-onboarding
      2. 2.
        Email address
      3. 3.
        Discord ID so we can associate it with their application when they join
      4. 4.
        Chosen membership tier
      5. 5.
        'Know Your Customer' (KYC) information (name, date of birth and ID - through Persona)
    2. 2.
      After these steps, the member will be sent an invoice by Stripe for them to pay their membership fee
    3. 3.
      Once paid, the SG DAO will send the member the appropriate number of SG-V tokens for their chosen tier, and the member will be able to use those to join the SG DAO Discord
Onboarding and starting to contribute
Within Discord, new members will be able to introduce themselves and to communicate with all other members of the DAO. They will also receive notifications on how they can begin to contribute to the running of the DAO.
For example, all members of the DAO will be considered as scouts. As soon as a member joins the DAO, they will be assigned a ‘Unique Referral ID’ that they can use to refer other startups and also other members into the DAO (similar to how everyone on Uber has their unique referral code). This will encourage all members to refer their network easily and without any significant effort, and allow them to earn patronage for this simple task.
All members will also receive notifications about any member votes taking place, the most significant of which will be when they must vote on which startup applicants the SG DAO should invest in and bring into its accelerator cohorts. The voting itself will take place on Gnosis Snapshot.
Going above and beyond for the DAO
Every member will have the right to contribute above and beyond the basic expectations of scouting and voting and be rewarded for that. Read more on this page.
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