Contributing & Earning Patronage
Contributing & Earning Patronage
Every member will have the right to contribute above and beyond the basic expectations of scouting and voting and be rewarded for that. In order for the full-time employees of the SG DAO to surface those members most interested and able to do this, they will send the 'DAO Member Contributor Form' to all self-signalled members.
The purpose of this form would be to understand their experience, skills, network and interests, then assign them the most appropriate DAO Member Contributor role. Roles would be split into three categories depending on the focus of each in supporting the DAO: community, connector, and mentor. It is also worth noting that scouting startups for the DAO earns patronage tokens, but every member has the right to do this (read more on scouting here).
All tasks performed by these members would be rewarded with varying amounts of patronage tokens depending on their relative impact to the success of the DAO. Members could still complete and be rewarded for tasks that sit under other roles, but they would still retain one predominant role.

Example contributions that could earn patronage

  • Running workshops (teardowns/expert sessions)
  • Becoming a mentor and taking X hours of meetings with portfolio companies
  • Introducing a mentor that becomes an accepted mentor on the accelerator
  • Introducing an investor that attends Demo Day
  • Introducing an investor that invests in a portfolio company as a result of the Cohort Demo Day
  • Introducing customers/clients to portfolio companies
  • Using a portfolio company’s service
  • Promoting a portfolio company’s services through your chapter
  • Portfolio company community management
  • Interviewing in a fireside or breakout
  • Facilitating peer groups
  • Organising events
  • Member engagement in Discord

Applying for a Member Contributor Role

All contributor applications will be reviewed by the SG DAO team to ensure they are a good fit before being onboarded as a contributor for the SG DAO Accelerator. All roles will have specific playbooks explaining the role and how to execute the tasks.
If applying to be a ‘Mentor,’ members will be invited to a 15-minute interview to understand their motivation, experience and level of commitment. Each major role category will have a small pod (similar to a working group) for all accepted contributors for that role. Each pod will have its own Discord channel and optional meeting cadence to remain in sync.
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