Engineering & Technology
Below is a list of common and recurring tasks that either the fund or the DAO will do on a regular basis. Within each task category below, the product, services, or technologies that will be used are listed:
  • Fund Administration
    • This will be done through Carta. Carta will handle the tracking of investments, tax compliance, and capital allocation tracking.
  • Companies applying to the DAO
    • This takes place through a simple Airtable form that is hosted on the SG DAO website. Our membership interacting with the DAO. Zapier will also be used to automate many of the manual processes of application vetting and onboarding with tools like SendGrid being used to deliver the communications.
  • The members of the DAO will interact with us in a number of ways:
    • The website – This will be our main public-facing entity and our only source of onboarding new users. The website hosts valuable information in the form of FAQs as well as our Docs hosted on Gitbook.
    • Aragon is the DAO backend platform we are using to create our tokens and track member holdings.
    • Metamask is the wallet platform we will recommend to our members to hold their wallets in as it is the simplest.
    • Gnosis is the platform where voting will take place that is gas-free while still being recorded on an immutable ledger.
    • Discord will be our main platform where our community exists. It is token-gated, meaning only those who hold our tokens will be able to access the platform.
    • Airtable will function as an organisational backbone for the DAO and will help us to sort inbound companies, perform due diligence on those companies, and ultimately welcome the selected companies into our accelerator.
    • SourceCred is the platform that allows us to track member contributions to the DAO and how we will be able to assign patronage tokens in the future.
  • Investing in startups
    • This will again partially take place through Carta (they take in the final version of legal docs). Also in this process, we will leverage our legal counsel (document review and creation) as well as DocuSign to handle signatures.
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