All members of the DAO will have the opportunity to support the DAO and its portfolio companies by leveraging their network. The different ways in which members can support in this way are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Introducing a member that becomes ran accepted mentor on the accelerator
    • Members can refer mentors to the DAO using their Referral Code (URI). Once the person becomes a member, they can choose to become a mentor for the accelerator
    • At the end of every month, the mentor database will be screened to see if any of them were referred to the DAO by members
    • If any such referred mentors are found, the original member who referred them will be awarded patronage tokens
  2. 2.
    Introducing investors to the DAO
    • Members are also welcome to introduce investors to the DAO that are interested in attending the Demo Day or just reviewing our startup lists and meeting with the startups
    • Any time a member wants to introduce an investor, they must do so via an intro email to [email protected]
    • Upon the introduction, our team will follow up with the investor
    • Then based on the level of engagement from the investor, further tokens will be awarded to the member
  3. 3.
    Providing leads to portfolio companies
    • There will be a section on the Discord where members can see all the portfolio companies and a description of their primary product/service offering
    • Each product description will also include a 'contact us' section, which must be used to make the intros
    • If a member wants to refer a lead to any company, they must make a warm email intro between the lead and the startup with an SG DAO email on CC
How will members know how to provide this support?
Those members eager to be a 'connector' for the SG DAO will be given more detailed information on these processes once they register their interest through the Member Contributor Form.
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