Membership Types & Tokens
Those wishing to join the DAO as members will have the opportunity to buy into the membership tier with which they feel most comfortable*. In exchange for the purchase of membership to these tiers, they will be allocated a certain amount of the governance token, or SG voting token (SG-V).
SG Voting Token (SG-V)
This token is what allows them to vote on our 'hard consensus' proposals (e.g. choosing which startups the SG DAO will invest in), gain access to our digital community platform, and track our DAO members. These tokens are non-transferable and can only be sold back to the DAO. Additionally, these tokens have no effect on future patronage received and are merely a way for our DAO members to vote, interact with our platforms (e.g. the token-gated Discord and Gnosis), and own a proof of stake in the DAO.
*Membership Tiers Available
  • $100
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000
SG Patronage Token (SG-P)
Working alongside our governance token will be a patronage token (SG-P). This patronage token will be used as a means of tracking member contribution to the DAO. When our members perform valuable activities that go beyond the expectations of their membership (ie. scouting startups for the program, assisting the DAO with due diligence, and supporting current portfolio startups), they will receive patronage tokens for their efforts.
Any returns from successful investments will then be redistributed to the DAO’s members based on two major factors. First, based on the membership tier they bought into. Second, the amount of patronage tokens they currently own. The patronage tokens are then returned to the DAO when they have been used to track a cycle of patronage dividends. More on this under the 'Future DAO Returns' section.
These two tokens work together as a means of access and a means of accounting to allow our members to fully participate in our platforms and allow us to accurately track and reward our members for their efforts.
We truly believe that the existing values and mission of Startup Grind are already close to those of a co-operative and we will ensure we channel those into the operating principles of this DAO.
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