🌟 The mission of this DAO is to support founders to build, grow and scale by harnessing the network and knowledge of Startup Grind’s global community
The Startup Grind Accelerate DAO, or SG DAO, is the first truly community-owned accelerator focused on supporting and investing in pre-seed and seed-stage startups from across the world.
It will be a member-governed co-operative that will operate across a variety of platforms, where investments will only be made as a result of member votes taking place on the blockchain. The membership will be made up of community members that have purchased a membership tier that also enables them to both contribute to and benefit from the operations of the DAO and the accelerator itself.
The SG DAO will accept and invest in 10 companies per accelerator cohort, and will run 3 12-week cohorts per year to help support its portfolio companies.
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