Accelerator Programming
The SG DAO Accelerator Program will run a total of three cohorts per year each containing 10 portfolio companies and lasting 12 weeks. As mentioned previously each of these companies would receive $100k for 5% on a post-money SAFE.
The goal of the accelerator is to provide education, access, and exposure to our portfolio companies. We will be able to do this through events with quality speakers, connecting these startups with each other and integrating them into our existing networks, as well as providing them opportunities for exposure at in-person and online events.
The accelerator will be delivered through a variety of formats:
  • Online Community
    • The founders will be onboarded to our Discord allowing them to:
      • interact with each other and the online community of DAO Members
      • seek community solutions to their startup’s problems
      • have weekly accountability + support calls with community members ('Buddys')
  • Workshops
    • Expert sessions
      • Highly tactical and interactive sessions on a specific topic (e.g. building your first sales, hiring or fundraising process) that are led by a functional expert
    • Expert reviews
      • Sessions led by a functional expert where they run an open and constructive review of one of the portfolio startups. For example, a session may focus on that particular company's product development plan, sales process, OKRs, hiring plan or fundraising pitch deck. Each startup will be the focus of at least one of these during the cohort. This is an in-depth, high trust, highly targeted session.
  • Peer Groups
    • These are curated groups of founders who meet weekly after workshops. Groups are chosen either based on roles (CEO, Ops, Technical) or the vertical of each founder's company (SaaS, Fintech, Healthtech). Through these sessions, founders can come together to solve problems and overcome challenges together.
  • Mentor Roundtables (with both operational mentors and investors)
    • Leveraging our existing network we give our portfolio startups the opportunity to meet with our mentors and investors in small groups of 3-4 and discuss their problems. There will be one of these events for each major topic during the accelerator cohort (product, sales & marketing, leadership & culture and fundraising).
  • Firesides + Breakouts
    • Experienced speakers will come and offer up some insight to our group of founders. After each session, the founders also will break into pairs or small groups to discuss what they’ve learned and what they can apply to their own situations.
The weekly layout of the programming is structured into four major themes: Product, Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Culture, and Fundraising.
The overall cohort structure will be as follows:
  • Week 1 - Onboarding
  • Week 2 - Product
  • Week 3 - Product
  • Week 4 - Product
  • Week 5 - Sales & Marketing
  • Week 6 - Sales & Marketing
  • Week 7 - Sales & Marketing
  • Week 8 - Leadership & Culture
  • Week 9 - Leadership & Culture
  • Week 10 - Fundraising
  • Week 11 - Fundraising
  • Week 12 - Fundraising and Demo Day
The first week of onboarding will help founders to understand: how the accelerator will run, help them choose the best way to engage in the cohort framework, how they can make the most of the program, and what to expect for the 12 weeks ahead.
A sample week might look like this repeated weekly with some variations:
  • Week 2 - Product
    • Monday
      • Group Kick-Off Call
        • What each team's focus will be and what roadblocks they're looking to clear
    • Tuesday
      • Workshop (either Expert Session or Expert Review)
      • Peer Groups
    • Wednesday
      • Mentor Roundtables
      • 1:1s
    • Thursday
      • Optional Keynote/Fireside Chat
      • Meet with their Accelerator Buddy (a representative from the SG DAO itself)
    • Friday
      • Build Day
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